Nick Tershay paid homage to his roots recently posting this image and gratefully explaining:

“This shirt I’m wearing today is one of my favorites not only because it is a collaboration with my favorite skateboard company but with my favorite skate shop too. Back in 1997 when I first started coming up with the concept of Diamond Supply Co. I worked at FTC skate shop in SF which is owned by Kent Uyehara who mentored me as a kid on how to get my brand started and during that time I shared an apartment with my long time friend Julian Stranger on 22nd & Hampshire in the Mission district. Julian had started his own company called Anti Hero Skateboards who was distributed by DLX who housed Spitfire, Real Skateboards, Thunder Trucks and other brands. I always thought it was so sick he had his own company and it inspired me. S/O Kent from FTC & Julian Stranger who is forever one of the best skaters I have ever known and one of my earliest role models.” #AntiHero #SanFrancisco #FTC

And just to jog the memory and recall the importance of Anti Hero working with FTC on this project, can you name the last “collaboration” Anti Hero has done with another brand?

This project was worked in line with John Cardiel, you can check out the now sold out collection HERE.