Sean Carabarin has been skating and shooting photos all around the city for a few years now and has really developed a insider perspective on the current skateboard scene in San Francisco. He captures the skateboarding as well as the to and from, the moments in between, and the people who are there. Here are a few questions and some pics to help you get to know Sean a little better.  Follow him on instagram @seancho , and check out his work online over at http://unnaturallyok.tumblr.com/ for a insider’s glimpse in to the San Francisco skateboarding.

Sean Carabarin

30 years young

San Francisco CA,


1. Tell us about you, and what you do?

I’ve lived in SF on and off for 10 years, skateboarding and the buzz of the city brought me here. We would take Cal train every Friday from San Jose to skate in SF and party. Fast forward 13 years, I’ve gotten married, moved into our own house in the Sunset and climbed the ladder in the Hotel Business.

2. What do you enjoy shooting?

Skateboarding, it’s my favorite subject to shoot. The best part of shooting skateboarding is what happens behind the scenes, it’s not just the trick I try to capture, but my surroundings and the people I’m with. Photographing skateboarding allows me to capture a moment, whether it is laughs or tricks, I’m able to lock that moment in time.

3. When did you realize you wanted to shoot pictures and how did you learn about photography?

I’ve always had an interest in photography growing up but was always intimidated by the complexity of it. I had friends in high school who took photography classes and we would always mess around shooting photos. It wasn’t until I had an idea of how I wanted a photo to look and feel did I pick up a camera, the first time was summer of 2001. Later on I met some friends in Monterey who were in college for photography; Ryan Murray and Austin Long were my gateway back into shooting photos. One thing that will forever stick in my mind is the credits of Real to Reel, Morfords photos are still a huge draw for me and my photos.

4. Where do you find your inspiration, and how do you apply it to your photography?

My inspiration is the city I live in and the people I surround myself with. Incorporating what is happening around me and the moment continues to inspire me to shoot photos that portray a feeling which can be interpreted differently person to person.

5. Tell us about shooting the new generation of San Francisco skaters?

I’ve had the opportunity to build solid friendships with the new generation of skateboarders; the majority was all a part of Sam Chao’s “Chaodown” They are a fun group to be involved with, always down to shoot and just have a good time. I don’t limit myself to just the new generation of SF skateboarder’s, I respect the OG’s in the game and love shooting with Adrian Williams, Jabari Pendleton and Jason Wussler. I basically will shoot anyone that is down for fun and enjoying what we’re accomplishing together. The new generation is pretty fucking brute though.

6. When you’re not shooting skateboarding, what are you shooting?

I’ve come to realize I’m not a “street photographer” and don’t have much interest in it, I do however like photographing buildings, architecture and my friends. Capturing those memories is what it’s all about.

7. Where can we find out more about your work?

My blog unnaturallyok.tumblr.com and Instagram @seancho, you can always shoot me an email seancarabarin@yahoo.com to get in contact with me or see me in the streets!

8. Shouts out

My wife Jessica for supporting me 100%, Willie Hoag at Onelove skateboards, Adrian Williams for being the illest coach out there, Jabari Pendleton, J-WU, All the dudes at DLXSF (skate shop & warehouse) for always holding me down, the Young Bucks, Nico Ichiban Hiraga, Tory Hereford, JP, Desmonde, Tesfar, Zam Chao, Tadashi at Low Card, Thrasher Mag, Ando at FTC, Lee Bender at Vans, OG Qui, Tanner Z, Benny Gold, Austin Long, Dan Z, Tony and Sally, Toast ladies and everyone that has supported me or gave me advice. I hope to shoot with all you soon.

Clyde moore

Clyde Moore, frontside heelflip FT.Miley

dez dre lem

Desmond Bille, Lil Dre, and Lem, Market st


Jabari Pendleton, layback barrier jam 180, downtown


Jonathan Perez is sick!

Max Schwartz_1

Max Schwartz, nose grind, post st

mike kp

Mike KP, frontside flip, Chinatown

Nickel bag

Nikel Bag, Downtown

OG qui

OG Qui, Bean plant , Mission district

Ryan gowan

Ryan Gowan, Facial, San Francisco while filming for Chaodown


Tafari Whitter, 180 nose grind back to regular, as seen in Chaodown, Powell St